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Urban Flat Style Door



Urban Flat is an engineered core door, ¾ inches thick, featuring gentle radius edges and a horizontal grain texture. This finish is achieved using a state-of-the-art membrane press, ensuring both extreme durability and an elegant, modern aesthetic.

3D Laminate Design Options

SSI North America’s offers an extensive Pentadecor® 3DL stocked program especially

curated for the North American market - including products suitable for all membrane pressed parts and components and with options for vertical and horizontal laminate applications – as inspiration to create sophisticated design concepts with next generation surfaces and performance. Our line up ranges from realistic woodgrain textures that mimic natural elements and enhance the tactile experience of the décor to our leading Super Matte solid colors with the look and feel of a painted surface but with far superior performance.

SSI’s stocked collection is a comprehensive program with 3D laminate designs

suitable for such wide-ranging applications as 3D laminate kitchen and bath

cabinets (doors and drawer fronts), sculpted wall panels, decorative screens, hospital

trays, interior signage, emergency services dispatch desks, storage lockers,

laboratory cabinets and so much more. Merging the decorative detail of custom

routed MDF panels with the myriad of 3D laminate colors, decors and finish options

available, is the perfect way for the A & D community to add significant value and

performance to projects and uses in multiple industries.

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